ritrattoPortraits – family, children, adults - in the studio or outdoors, and even in the home of the client. Also portraits for books, documents and id cards.

Spontaneity is fleeting

To be able to capture the innocent and natural expression of a child - without being invasive and with maximum discretion - is truly an art. The ability to capture the instinctive expressiveness of a face, a saucy look or a tender and profound glance of the subject being portrayed is an aspect of my trade that emerges regardless of the photographic and shooting techniques chosen.
The portrait sessions can be held in the studio, outdoors, or at home in one’s own family environment - with natural or artificial light - using a variety of techniques to exalt the spontaneity of expression of the subject.

Nothing is as valuable as having captured with perfect timing the glance of a child, his or her marvel, his or her tenderness…

Enhancement and prints

The production process of the prints - on whichever media desired, including canvas, paper, cloth and printing on gadgets – includes enhancing and digital retouching for realistic result that are esthetically pleasing and gratifying.

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